Holy Moly Colorful Cake

I’m surrounded by cakes. Literally. I feel if anymore of them pop out of the oven I wont be able to move. And I am starving, and all I can think of is how good a pizza would taste right now, but thankfully I brought carrot sticks and my diet soda for lunch.

Then in all the chaos, there is this one order. There is always this one order. You know, that order that comes last minute, and it seems simple enough, but ends up being the most time consuming one!

A customer called me and started by saying,

I know its very short notice, and I’m so sorry but please save me and take my order, my daughter loves your cakes and will be so disappointed if she doesn’t have her birthday cake from YOU.

Oh dear Lord, I guess I have to take the order, poor girl, not her fault her mother forgot to order the cake. Sure, why not, whats one more cake? Famous last words.

So the cake was a rainbow cake, she wanted the cake inside to look like a rainbow, and preferably at least 5 layers. But she said from the outside, she didn’t care what the cake would look like, as long as it was colorful. Well that seemed simple enough.

Wrong! I had to make 4 batches of vanilla cake batter, then I split them into 6 bowls and added a color to each bowl, until it reached the desired color i was trying to create. Then I baked the 6 cakes, and while i was letting them cool I worked on the super white buttercream. I had only made enough for my weekend orders and cupcakes, and this cake needed alot.

Then I took each cake and even them out and filled each layer with a beautiful amount of white buttercream. It was so high! It looked lovely. but BIG. Holey Moly big. I should call it the Holy Moly, High and Mighty Colorful Cake. Did my crumb coating, put it in the fridge and went on to my other list of things. A few hours later I came back to it. Now what to do with it? covering it with fondant would be disastrous, plus hide all the beauty when they would cut it. Ideally buttercream. She had mentioned she loves M&M’s. Thats it, Id top it with M&M’s and use sprinkles around it that always reminded me of M&<M








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  1. Xed says:

    That must have tasted amazing!

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