A President in Egypt = A Pharaoh

To Whom it may Concern,

Kindly be advised that due to ongoing unstable conditions in our country, we decided to postpone our birthday party till further notice, so kindly cancel the ordered cake & cupcakes, and I will contact you to agree on the new date when the country seems to be safe.

Thanks for your cooperation, and sorry for any troubles.

When I groggily opened my eyes to find this email on my blackberry at the crack of dawn, I sighed and felt tears rushing and found myself holding them back. Oh No, has it come to THIS again.. Please, God give me strength to get through today. I suddenly had memories rushing to me about the revolution and the months after it, it was such a glorious and horrible time. Glorious for Egypt in many ways, to be freed from being ruled by a so called democracy, that has way to much political history that i could not even begin to sum up in one blog post.

I got a sudden rush of emails canceling orders, but I had some who didn’t care and refused to ruin their kids party. Half of employees showed up, we did our jobs and went home sad, scared, wondering if tomorrow we’d be able to come to work.

The months after removing the President of Egypt who had ruled for over 30 years. The country was in shambles. The people were crushed. The country was in chaos. Schools were being canceled for safety of the children, because of transportation to and from the schools. For Gods sake, the country shut down for 21 days. Starting with the government shutting down the phone services and internet. 21 days we were trapped at home, hiding our cars, locking our homes and the men were taking shifts guarding the buildings with bats and other defensive items to protect from looters at night. It was crazy, and when i remember that time I get shivers, its like a part of your life you suppress and rather not remember it. I can clearly remember 5 days in it the panic that rushed in my head about food. And my husband ran out searching for the essentials and filling our fridge and freezer to the max. Kids were at home, businesses were closed and no one new where this was going. I remember packing an emergency bag under our bed, that had our essentials, passports and anything we would need incase the Embassy called and told us to evacuate. It was that bad. The idea of leaving the country was devastating to me, don’t get me wrong, i didn’t want to stay in those conditions, but I love Egypt. Its a part of who I am. I am Egyptian and proud. My husband and I decided to live in Egypt after we got married and we left the west behind. I miss the west dearly, but when I was in the west I missed the east. A never ending circle of struggle. A price I pay for being raised in one place, and blood in my veins of another. Plus my business, the one i built from the ground up. No one knows as much as my friends and my family how much blood and sweat went into making it they way it is today. Not to mention I invested every cent I had into my business. Would I just throw that all the way, hop on a plane and wipe the slate and start all over again? The idea was a nightmare, but yet staying here was a nightmare too. But then again I thanked my lucky stars that I had that option where millions of Egyptians were trapped and had no option what so ever, so no matter what I was lucky and I couldn’t forget that.

Those weeks passed without nothing except emotional scaring. The months after it creeped on, but it creeped. People still wanted to eat cupcakes, so Thank God the business survived as thousands of other crashed. I keep tossing my blessings in a jar and keep going.

We finally reached a point for a so called presidential election. We should be happy right, we get the right to vote? Millions proud went to vote and showed their ink finger to the world. What were we really voting for, no one really knew, trusted or was [pleased with the options but we were voting. The he won, he won. We all prayed for the best, but no one pleased. I was hoping he’d prove me wrong for the sake of the country. But he didn’t.

On November 22, our President stated his new decree, which for many was the last straw. Granting himself sweeping powers and rushing to call for a December 15 referendum on the new constitution, he had put Egyptians between a rock and a hard place. A choice between being ruled by an unrepresentative constitution or by a dictator. Well as Egyptians we refuse this kind of political blackmail. And thats how we are today. Trying to remove another president from power.

You can’t blame Egyptians for being dissatisfied with with our current dictator, when he turned out to be exactly like our previous one.Unfortunately, this will definitely leave a scar in our nations unity/diversity for a very long time.

I just hope it passes with ease and peace. And I try to keep baking, hoping the next day wilbe ok.

Please note these were pictures circulating durning that time. I am not sure who took them.


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  1. Xed says:

    The emotional turbulence we’ve been going through for the past two years is starting to take it’s toll. I just wonder when we will find our way out😦

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