Moving, Weddings, Tylenol Cold and Political Corruption.

Well shame on me, I’ve been absent for a while, but I swear I have wonderful excuses, don’t we all. I’ve really wanted to blog daily, about anything, recipe, something I baked, stories, thoughts, anything. Just a moment in the day where I can let my brain be free.

This week has been a serious handful. The fact I’m still standing today, I do pat myself on the back, as I drink my hot lemon and honey that is being forced upon me by my employees. Because hot lemon and honey is the cure for anything, or so they say.

I finally moved my bakery, it was completely bittersweet. I have a bakery kitchen and I supply to my locations. My old bakery was near my old house in a very congested area in the heart of Cairo. About a year and half ago I moved to a newer area, close to my friends, kids school, family and my store. So it only made sense to eventually move the bakery closer to my daily life of chaos. Saves me about and hour and half a day in driving time on some serious crazy roads, for that by itself I’m utterly grateful.

It was where I started. It was my first place, my baby. My start of my little business, has a lot of memories and I’m one of those sappy people who do get emotionally attached to places and even though the new place is closer to home, double the size, brand new and decorated to my preference, I can’t seem to be sad to give the old key away to a new tenant.  Who I heard was going to turn it into a Kids Day Care. I felt like leaving them some cupcakes behind.

So we moved, words can not describe what moving is like in this country. That in itself was complete insanity, moving, managing the packing, with my custom cake  orders, with the supply of cupcakes for the stores, was utterly chaotic and exhausting. Who packed the chocolate chips, I said leave them out! Damn it, the whisks in the box under neath all the other boxes that I can’t seem to lift, what, my best friends sisters wedding is on moving day? You want me to make the cake, oh Good Lord.

Ironically enough, one of my best friends sister’s wedding was originally planned for last October but the poor bride had a horrible series of bad luck, she got a horrible virus that kept her in bed for 6 weeks and had to cancel the Wedding and the Honeymoon. It was very sad, as they have been waiting to get married for years. Last Friday the doctor said she was clear to go, and not to waste another moment, they planned the wedding in a week. A week, can you imagine the chaos? Must be worse then my week!

While I was packing with one arm, baking with another, wishing for a third to finish the fondant flowers, she calls to inform the wedding is on this Friday, and she can’t wait for her cake and the dessert table she already had pre-ordered for the first canceled event. I was so excited for her, as I hung up the phone and realized, wait, that’s moving day. Crap. Double triple quadruple crap. There was no way I could do the order, and there was no way I could not do the order, crap. On a professional level it was stressful to take the order, and a personal level I was also expected at the wedding. How was I going to pull this all off? Off I went to fish things out of the already pre-packed boxes while baking cupcakes. I was going to make it work, if it killed me. If I told you the entire story of the bride, you’d be right there baking with me.

Meanwhile, our lovely president of decided to remove the powers of the Supreme Constitutional Court System and grant himself full powers temporarily, so he says. Spinning the outrage of Egyptians everywhere, filling Tahrir square once again with tents and popcorn vendors. Meanwhile they drafted the new constitution which would give him full authority to approve. Political corruption at its worse. Sometimes I feel the need to take something before he makes his next address to the country, his last TV appearance gave me chest pains and insomnia. When the country has political craziness, as it has for the past 2 years it affects my employees who have a hard time getting to work, it effects the streets, it effect all people of Egypt. Everyone is affected differently in their daily life. Some people live in the heart of all the political chaos, and can’t leave their homes. Some go protest, so just stop coming to work all together, some just try to ignore what’s going and keep baking cupcakes.

Thursday morning finally arrives, the day before the big day, thank God in my morning prayers that no civil war broke out. It’s almost over I can do it, what’s this …I have a fever, noooo I’m sure I’m just warm, crap, I have a fever, I can’t swallow and all of the sudden I’m sneezing like I have an allergy to something, crap! Nothing but to drink hot lemon and honey of course and take some DayQuil, what no DayQuil, ok Night quill will do, off to drive a car and operate heavy machinery.

It’s Friday, Moving day! Woo hoo! I ran around quickly assembling last minute things for the Wedding order and the store products as movers start moving all the boxes around me. Sent the driver with the wedding order and focused on leaving my memories behind. We finally head to the new place and start putting things in. Omg, it’s 4 the wedding started an hour ago, I rush home get myself and the kiddlings ready and rush to the wedding, I even got to see the dessert table before it was touched! I was so thrilled, as I usually never see the products, or the display at any actual event, unless its a kid’s birthday party of one of my friends or something. I made it. They were so happy, at a point I think they lost hope that I make it. But I did, half asleep, dosed up on medication, somewhat delirious, but I made it. The week was over, and tomorrow would be the first day in new memories to come.

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  1. bakearama says:

    You deserve a very large glass of wine – to make such fantastic cakes amid total chaos, very well done!

    1. Thanks Girl!🙂 I’ll try to do a post about some cakes soone🙂

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