There is no such thing as a SMALL change.

Changes. Gets the best and worst of all of us. People either love change, because they easily get bored, or they hate change, because the like things to stay the same. I feel I usually fall in between. I think that comes from being a Libra and all, one of the things I feel I was blessed with and cursed with at the same time.

I’ve had many changes in my life, too numerous to even begin mentioning. Maybe one day I should blog about all the major changes in my life that has drastically changed my life for the worst or for the better.

I started up my own Custom Art Cakes & Cupcakes business about 7 years ago. I never knew that decision that day when I said “Sure, I can make you that Elmo Cake” would have forever changed my life.

I remember I had just celebrated my son’s first birthday, and had made him a 3D Winnie the Pooh Cake along with a full on dessert bar. It was my passion, baking and decorating. I have loved it for as long as I could remember. But was never my intentions to make a living out of it. The next day, a friend of a friend who was at the party called me. I barely knew her, and she told me she heard how adorable my sons cake was and wondered if I could make her one but Elmo. I said “Sure!” How fun, I thought to myself, someone wants me to bake and decorate a cake and give me money! Sweet! ( if only future me could have intervened at that moment🙂 )

So thats how I pretty much started. The rest is a blog on its own. But brings us back to changes. That moment, changed my life forever. For the better, I am sure of that. Has it been easy? Hell no. Its been one roller coaster ride after another. But its been fun too, and fulfilling.

I started baking from home for about 4 years, then I got a bakery and started baking from there for another 3 years. And now that bakery is too small, and I need a bigger place, which is a blessing i know, but yet cant help to be terrified of the change, the new responsibilities. The new over head. The extra employees. A whole lot of change all at once. And given i was just notified i need to be moving in 10 days. My whole bakery from one part of town to another. Part of me is super excited, as the other part super terrified. Damn Libra. Yes, No, Yes No… But the yes won.

There is no such thing as a SMALL change. Yes Im still doing the same thing i was yesterday, its not like i changed careers or anything. But i’m moving to something bigger and hopefully better for my future and the future of my family. Happy thoughts needed! Wheres the pixiedust whenyou need it?


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  1. Xed says:

    I feel the same about change and I’m no Libra. But I have to admit change before and during the event, after you’ve actually done the change you start thinking ‘That was easy, now why was I stressed out?’
    Anyway this change just means more success for you and success is good, non? And more importantly you are a Superwomen who is up to any task🙂

    1. Ya Superwoman in serious need of nicotine.

  2. As a Libra I empathize with you – our ability to weigh both sides for the best balance can be beneficial or a curse when Libras are constantly indecisive.

    1. I know! I always felt its been my greatest asset and greatest curse! But I love being a Libra!

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